A different festival

Rueda, the International Cycling Film Festival of Barcelona is the first competitive film festival that has the bicycle as a main actor.

During 4 days you’ll be able to watch unseen movies where passion for cycling and its multiple stories will be the common denominator, no matter where they come from, their style or length.

The festival’s program includes several activities that make Rueda the cultural celebration of the bicycle in Barcelona.
Rueda 2016 is offering its content in three sections. One of them is competitive and will award prizes in cash in 3 categories.

Competitive section

At Rueda, all genres, formats and lengths are welcome, as long as they have the bicycle as one of the leading roles and they’ve been completed in 2015 or 2016.

Through an open call, filmmakers can compete for three prizes in cash:
· Rueda Award for Best Short Film
· Rueda Award for Best Feature Film
· Audience Award

The first two will be selected by a jury formed by well-known professionals from the film, culture and sports industries.
The third one will be selected by the audience who will be able to vote after each session.

Rueda Kids

The big news of the second edition: animated shorts for different age bands, a session designed for the little ones begin to dream adventure cyclists.

Rueda flea market

The revaluation of the bicycle as a mean of transport stimulates and inspires creations of all kinds: literature, design, recycling, fashion etc, etc. That is the reason why the Festival creates The Flea Market to Rueda, a space to gather and exchange. A Sunday meeting between creators and the public in a festive and relaxed atmosphere.