Who we are

Asociación Rueda

Rueda is a diverse group from different fields with a common denominator: the conviction that the collective use of the bicycle provides answers to major problems beyond our brief stay in this world. We like to collaborate, cooperate and create networks around promoting the use of bicycles and their audiovisual representations. This is like a festival, which is nothing but a web of connections that go to the same port born. At present the best of film production with the bicycle as a common denominator.


Amanda Sans

Director and filmmaker

Nicolás Olave


Prisca Maggia

Programmer and producer

Dank a Frank

Jolly Jocker

Marie Polo

Cicloviajera y Productora de los eventos paralelos.

Rafa Rodríguez

Rafa Rodríguez

Industries Doc. Visual artist, illustrator, anthropologist and artistic producer.

Pol Rojas

Pol Rojas

Ambientologist and sailor.
Producer of side events.

Hector Sobreira Lago

Hector Sobreira Lago

Side events infrastructures.

Strategic partners

Aún no han sido publicados los miembros del equipo para esta edición.